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Re: task & skills

On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 03:48:56AM +1100, Anand Kumria wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 09:08:42PM +0100, Lenart Janos wrote:

> Then you might not have misspelt my name.

Ooops. Really sorry for that, Kumria.

> Maybe. But you have not yet demonstrated that these applicants who have
> been approved recently are any worse or better than existing maintainers.

I am not talking about every applicant.

> Until you can provide something interesting (one or two cases aren't
> statistically significant) you are just hand-waving and expending a lot
> of hot-air.

Yes, I have to say that you have some true in that I am `expending a 
lot of hot-air`. :-/ Anyway, I have a reason to. Just take a look at 
the NM list page[1] and the lintian permaintainer reports[2]. It would 
take me a lot's of time to analyze it in every NMs case, and I don't 
want to write here just some names. The best is to see it for yourself: 
pick an NM from the list[1], than see his lintian report[2]. Repeat 
this. (NMs without packages does not count) Then, try to pick some 
non-NM reports[2]. I know that non-NM has reports too, but some NM has 
a very long listing, and I don't know how they have been accepted. 
(Please, let me not to tell names, and don't want to hurt anyone.)

> > Our philosophy is 'help the applicants'. 
> ' ... to help themselves'

I said this corresponding to the NM procedure.

> You aren't able to tell how esponsive a prospective maintainer is. Oly
> the frontdesk and DAM are (since they get more detailed reports).

What I can see is buggy packages. (There are good NMs too, but now, we 
are talking about the 'bad' ones.)

> > spend time for applicants who don't read manuals, just ask. They should 
> > be rejected after one or two questions. For example, that's trivial 
> > that some of them can't even use gpg, don't know about lintian, etc. 
> Eh? Perhaps the hungarian translation is better than the English one
> but I get plenty of question about GPG all the time.

Erm, did you meant the translation of the GPG's documentation or my 
mail's translation? I answare both of them:
(gpg) I haven't read the Hungarian translation, I am not even sure it 
(my mail) I don't know what don't you understand on my mail. Please ask 
about it.

> Are you being sarcastic?

_NOT_ It was very serious. I really think it may help.

> The problems with that approach are many (see the earlier archives of 
> this mailing list -- are they available at all?)> one obvious one is 
> that the database of questions is finite and we will> soon have been 
> with a list of all the questions and correct answers> selling them.

I don't think so that someone would publish the right answares. But 
anyway this would be better than nothing. Not?

> No, those applicants who are unable to understand the output of lintian
> Any idiot can run a tool - not all of them can understand it.

I am sorry that some doesn't understand that. I am not telling to 
ignore every question, but most of lintian output is very easy to 

Please note, that I don't want bad to anyone. I just want Debian to 
stay on top, and I think all of us want the same. I am writing down 
what I think, what I see, my ideas just in Debian's interest. I don't 
say I am right, but that's why we are discussing.

p.s: Sorry again for mispelling your name.

Lenart Janos

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