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Processed: your mail Proper default icon Providing a non-free alternative to a free package Question about menus questions about database installations regarding the code to test from Carl-Valentin Schmitt repacking howto Re: Re-review request/RFS for current packaging of Red Eclipse Re: RFS: freefilesync - folder comparison and synchronization tool (new upstream version - 3) RFS: acsccid (New Upstream Release) RFS: adminer RFS: adminer (2nd Try) RFS: aguilas RFS: apt-build/0.12.42 [QA] -- frontend to apt to build, optimize and install packages RFS: aspsms-t (try 4) RFS: bibtexconv Re: RFS: bibtool [ITA, upstream, second] - tool to manipulate BibTeX files RFS: bibtool [ITA, upstream, second] - tool to manipulate BibTeX files Re: RFS: bibtool/2.54 (new upstream release) -- tool for BibTeX database manipulation RFS: bibtool/2.54 (new upstream release) -- tool for BibTeX database manipulation Re: RFS: bibtool/2.54 (new upstream release) -- tool for BibTeX database manipulation RFS: browserlauncher2 RFS: burp - backup and restore program RFS: burp -- A cross platform network backup and restore program. RFS: cuba (new upstream release and a bug fixed) Re: RFS: dmaths RFS: drwright (2nd try) RFS: dwarf-fortress RFS: dwb RFS: esteid-browser-plugin RFS: ffmpeg-gui Re: RFS: frei0r-plugins (upstream 1.3) Re: Fwd: RFS: gcc-4.5-doc-non-dfsg RFS: gemrb Re: RFS: git2cl Fwd: RFS: gnonograms -- create and solve nonogram puzzles RFS: gogglesmm RFS: gpart/0.1h-12 [NMU] -- Closes all outstanding bugs :) RFS: indi-qsi - Secpnd Attempt Re: RFS: ipset RFS: jabber-querybot RFS: kismet -- updated and adopted package abandoned for 3 years RFS: kismet -- Wireless sniffing and monitoring RFS: lebiniou (already in Debian, new upstream version 3.15) RFS: lftp-gtk RFS: libapr-memcache0 Re: RFS: libconfig (requires transition) RFS: libdigidoc RFS: libdigidocpp Re: RFS: libpam-abl , bug fix , package is already in Debian RFS: libqsi - second attempt RFS: mate-common RFS: mercurial-buildpackage RFS: mosquitto (new upstream version) RFS: mpg321 RFS: nautilus-clamscan RFS: nginx 1.1.14-1 backport to Debian Squeeze RFS: openscad RFS: policyd-weight RFS: policyd-weight (10th try) RFS: preload, prelink and xfonts-bolkhov (2 weeks) RFS: ptop/3.6.2-5 -- PostgreSQL performance monitoring tool akin to top Re: RFS: python-gnatpython [fourth try] RFS: python-gnupg Re: RFS: python-x2go RFS: qdigidoc RFS: qesteidutil Re: RFS: qmc2 Re: RFS: quickrdp Re: RFS: rhinote (new upstream version) RFS: rpg - Readable Password Generator RFS: rudecgi RFS: rudeconfig Re: RFS: shaarli RFS: starpy RFS: stgit RFS: sweethome3d and sunflow [DM uploads to bpo] RFS: taskcoach RFS: themole RFS: themole | python3 only app | 8 days since last RFS RFS: tk-html3 -- Render HTML and CSS content with tk RFS: tpb/0.6.4-8 [ITA] tpb -- program to use the IBM ThinkPad(tm) special keys RFS: trash-cli RFS: tth [ITA,] [upstream, zeroth] -- TeX/LaTeX to HTML converter RFS: tth/4.03+ds-1 [ITA] [upstream, first] -- TeX/LaTeX to HTML converter Re: RFS: v8cgi (second try) RFS: v8cgi (third try) RFS: vera++ RFS: vim-vimerl RFS: wavemon (already in Debian) RFS: webkitkde RFS: xserver-xorg-video-geode Should I split off arch independant part? Re: sponsorship-requests sponsorship-requests and debian-mentors mailing list sponsorship-requests and orphaned status sponsorship-requests and status Standard Versions upload to debian.mentors disappears without a trace. upstream changelog in LaTeX format versioning trouble watch-file syntax help Which git tool should I use? why does debian packaging think ITP is still open? Re: Work-needing packages report for Feb 3, 2012 The last update was on 12:41 GMT Sun Nov 19. There are 784 messages. Page 2 of 2.

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