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questions about database installations


Last year I packaged cluebringer (version 2.0 of policyd for doing
greylisting and other anti spam controls) as postfix-cluebringer. In my
initial packaging I used dbconfig-common to handle the database
installation and configuration, however when I did an RFS the sponsor
pulled it all out. I specifically put those things in place so that the
installation of the database and the configuration would be simpler for
end users (being done through debconf).

I would like to keep the dbconfig-common method (even though getting it
up and running was a pain) simply because it is easier for end users to
get the whole thing up and running, and it provides and easier method
for updating the database as need be. Do people think that this is a
good idea? Or am I better off looking for another method to handle this?

Thanks in advance.
Nikolai Lusan <nikolai@lusan.id.au>

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