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Re: RFS: dwarf-fortress

> > I'm not a Debian Maintainer and I'm also looking for advices and
> > comment on the way the game has been packaged, as the available
> > upstream binaries are 32bits only, and I had to embed 32bit libraries
> > with the package in order to have it work. 
> You should not embed libraries. You also should not set Architecture: any.
> If you want to see a i386-only binary packaged for amd64, you may look at
> zsnes (though the proper way is multi-arch dpkg but it is not available in
> unstable now).


I had a look at your package. I also confirm that it does not build in
a chroot, unfortunately. The package should build without being in a
git repository (and without internet access).

As a maintainer of the zsnes package, I second the suggestion of
having a look at it as the requirements are similar. Feel free to ask
here if something is unclear :)

Etienne Millon

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