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Re: Re: RFS: dmaths

Hi Jakub,

>>I finally found time to actually install the software and play a bit
>>with it. I have to admit that I am deeply disappointed. I spent maybe
>>5 minutes and I saw:
>>- tooltips in French;
>>- tooltips in German;
>>- dialog boxes in French;
>>- *lots* of error messages in French;
>>- an error box with no message at all (!);
>>- unhandled exceptions in Basic code.
>>(Mind you, I don't speak French or German and I've never configured my
>>system or LibreOffice to use any of these languages.

Yes, indeed in these areas leaves much to be desired...The aim of the
package is to facilitate the writing of mathematical formulas and this
works sufficiently well. The package has a group of followers [0].
I adopt this package when I was an orphan [1], then I discovered already
critical errors [2] (although the package is in Debian since 2008).
With the release of the stable version (Squezee) and the replacement
Open Office to Libre Office, I've just inspected the package in depth.

In these days I've been watching the package more carefully and there
are some issues. The principal is if it's worth packing Libre Office

>>This is not the kind of quality I expect from software that is in
>>Debian. I am not willing to sponsor this package. 

Ok. Thank you for your time and your sincerity. I think about that I do
with this package.

Best regards!

I. De Marchi


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