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Re: Which git tool should I use?

On Thu, 16 Feb 2012, Paul Elliott wrote:
> I am currently packaging several programs for debian. I would like to store my 
> VCS stuff publicly. I have been granted access to collab-maint.
> Although previously I used svn I have been persuaded to use git.
> I have spent the last week reading git manuals, but I am a beginner.
> What tool should I use to create my git info? git-dpm? StGit?

I am a heavy user of stgit, and IMHO is only good for patch-based workflows
where you use git for acceleration.  It is really useful for kernel
development, for example.  And it would be useful for topic branches where
you're working on something that needs to be "kernel-style patchset should
look perfect at submission time" stuff to send upstream.

But it is *crap* for the branches you need to do cooperative development on.

I cannot comment on git-dpm, but it is probably best if you start with
straight git, with maybe a GUI tool on top (git-gui, etc).

Don't do development on your master branch, though.  Use a single devel
branch and merge that later if you're not yet ready for multiple topic
branches.  That lets you repair and rebase the devel branch during
development work with less fear of making a mess.   Just remember that
publishing to others a branch that is subject to rebase is not something
you should do except in very specific circunstances.

Something else you need to think about is the Debian changelog.  It *really*
is best if you use elaborate commit messages that can be used to construct
the changelog later, either manually or automatically.  Otherwise, you will
get annoying conflicts during development.

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