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Re: RFS: libqsi - second attempt

hello jasem,

i'm not a debian developer myself, so i can't help you with uploading,
nor should you rely solely on my opinion here, but i hope these comments
are helpful both to you and the developer reviewing your package for

* you already require debhelper 6, is there any reason you don't let it
  operate to its full potential by setting debian/compat to 6?
* by adding a (Closes: #656203), you could make the upload automatically
  close your itp bug
* the "Support:" paragraph in the COPYING file contains a line that is
  typically included in the copyright file ("comes without warranty of
  fitness"). i'd include that in debian/copyright too just to be on the
  safe side, but don't know if that's a matter of personal preference or
  if people more familiar with what needs to be in a copyright file have
  a stronger opinion on that.
* the NEWS file is empty. you can tell dh_installdocs, which afaict
  installs it automatically, to not install it by passing -X NEWS to it,
  but i can't tell exactly where that goes in a cdbs based build
* if, for any other reasons more important than this little item, you
  have to increase your debhelper level to 7, you can strip the
  debian/tmp off the debian/*.install files, making them more readable
  in my opinion.
* there's a number of things lintian still complains about. please run
  lintian on your .changes file and see what it says (use -i for
  additional information). some things are formal issues that are easy
  to fix (copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-lgpl,
  extended-description-line-too-long), i don't know exactly about
  package-name-doesnt-match-sonames (never happened to me before), and
  for binary-without-manpage, i'm afraid you'll have to write at least
  very short explanations of what the binaries do and how to use them
  (as there are no man pages in the source, but debian requires them).


There's always a bigger fish.
  -- Qui-Gon Jinn

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