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Re: Providing a non-free alternative to a free package

How about doing it like it's done with the unrar package:

According to packages.debian.org there are two pkgs.


So I'd suggest name the free one slalib and the other one
slalib-nonfree or vice versa (like the unrar example).



2012/2/8 Olе Streicher <debian-devel@liska.ath.cx>:
> Hi,
> the library I am working on in the moment (slalib,
> <http://bugs.debian.org/659003>) is an quite old Fortran library with a
> C interface and some (performance) drawbacks. This library is GPL and
> meets the DFSG guidelines.
> There is another version of this library available, where the (C)
> sources are available (and put under GPL), but obfuscated, so that they
> cannot go into "main" but would have to go into "non-free". However, I
> am thinking about packaging this version as well.
> However, there would be a conflict for the library names. How would one
> solve this?
> Best
> Ole
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