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Re: Providing a non-free alternative to a free package

debian-devel@liska.ath.cx (Olе Streicher) writes:

> There is another version of this library available, where the (C)
> sources are available (and put under GPL), but obfuscated, so that they
> cannot go into "main" but would have to go into "non-free". However, I
> am thinking about packaging this version as well.

If it is obfuscated, then it is most probably not the preferred form of
modification (and not the real source, but something derived from that),
thus, them being GPL'd is invalid, and it's not even fit for non-free,
as far as I see.

I mean, if I write a program in C, and distribute the x86 assembly
generated by gcc, and try to sell that as GPL (without providing access
to the original C source), that's essentially the same thing, and won't


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