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Re: RFS: libpam-abl , bug fix , package is already in Debian

* Alex Mestiashvili <alex@biotec.tu-dresden.de>, 2012-02-01, 18:51:
What does "+testing.1" mean? Is that a pre-release thing? If this is the case, then use "~" instead of "+".
Yes , it is pre-release version .
The upstream had "-testting.1" in his version and I had to change this to meet the upstream_version requirements .

"-" is allowed in upstream_version. But please notice that:

0.4.3-1 << 0.4.3+testing.1-1 << 0.4.3-testing.1-1

So you'll have a big problem once upstream releases the final 0.4.3. That's why you should use "~":

0.4.3~testing.1-1 << 0.4.3-1

Jakub Wilk

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