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Re: Fwd: RFS: gnonograms -- create and solve nonogram puzzles

hi jeremy,

i can't sponsor your package, but i've had a look at it and it looks
very good to me; the package is lintian clean.

two thinks i'd like to mention because they struck me as odd:

* debian/copyright: this almost looks like a DEP5 debian/copyright file,
  but isn't yet. it is not policy to use DEP5, but if you want to, you
  can read more on [1].
* why does the orig.tar.gz differ from the your
  release tarball? (which, as a note to you with your upstream hat on,
  contains editor backup files (*~) in the html directory)

nice game. have a translation. (see attached.)


[1] http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/

To use raw power is to make yourself infinitely vulnerable to greater powers.
  -- Bene Gesserit axiom
# German translations for gnonograms package.
# Copyright (C) 2012 THE gnonograms'S COPYRIGHT HOLDER
# This file is distributed under the same license as the gnonograms package.
# Christian M. Amsüss <chrysn@fsfe.org>, 2012.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: gnonograms 0.9.5\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-01-27 19:38+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-02-18 10:38+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: chrysn <chrysn@fsfe.org>\n"
"Language-Team: German <translation-team-de@lists.sourceforge.net>\n"
"Language: de\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:474
#, c-format
msgid "Total time penalty now %4.0f seconds"
msgstr "Zeistrafe gesamt: %4.0f Sekunden"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:554
msgid ""
"Congratulations - you have solved the puzzle.\n"
msgstr ""
"Gratulation – Sie haben das Puzzle gelöst.\n"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:558
msgid ""
"Congratulations - you have found an alternative solution.\n"
msgstr ""
"Gratulation – Sie haben eine alternative Lösung für das Puzzle gefunden.\n"

#. stdout.printf("New game\n");
#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:596
msgid "New puzzle?"
msgstr "Neues Spiel?"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:601 ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:395
msgid "New puzzle"
msgstr "Neues Spiel"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:613
msgid "Restart solving the puzzle?"
msgstr "Puzzle neu starten?"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:626
msgid "Timer paused"
msgstr "Zeitnehmung unterbrochen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:636
msgid "Name and save this puzzle"
msgstr "Speichern unter…"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:637 ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:74
msgid "Gnonogram puzzles"
msgstr "Gnonogram-Puzzles"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:650 ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:677
#, c-format
msgid "Could not write to '%s'"
msgstr "Schreiben auf '%s' fehlgeschlagen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:654 ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:681
#, c-format
msgid "Saved as '%s'"
msgstr "Gespeichert als '%s'"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:663
msgid "Name and save as  picto puzzle"
msgstr "Speichern unter (als Picto-Puzzle)…"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:664 ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:74
msgid "Picto puzzles"
msgstr "Picto-Puzzles"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:765
msgid "Failed to load puzzle"
msgstr "Laden des Puzzles fehlgeschlagen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:786
msgid "Could not open puzzle file"
msgstr "Konnte Puzzle-Datei nicht öffnen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:791
msgid "File format incorrect"
msgstr "Fehler im Dateiformat"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:797
msgid "Dimensions too large"
msgstr "Puzzle zu groß"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:801
msgid "Dimensions too small"
msgstr "Puzzle zu klein"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:809
msgid "Dimensions data missing"
msgstr "Puzzlegröße fehlt"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:828
msgid "Clues contradictory"
msgstr "Hinweise sind widersprüchlich"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:833
msgid "Puzzle not easily soluble by computer"
msgstr "Puzzle kann nicht einfach durch den Computer gelöst werden"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:837
msgid "Clues and solution both missing"
msgstr "Sowohl Hinweise als auch Lösungen fehlen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:906
msgid ""
"No errors\n"
msgstr ""
"Keine Fehler\n"

#. show incorrect cells
#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:910
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Incorrect cells: %d\n"
msgstr ""
"Falsche Zellen: %d\n"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:916
msgid ""
"No solution available\n"
msgstr ""
"Keine Lösung verfügbar\n"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:936
#, c-format
msgid "Time taken: %d hours, %d minutes, %8.3f seconds"
msgstr "Zeit benötigt: %d Stunden, %d Minuten, %8.3f Sekunden"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:937
#, c-format
msgid "Including %4.0f seconds time penalty"
msgstr "Einschlißlich %4.0f Sekunden Zeitstrafe"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:961
msgid "Failed to solve or no unique solution"
msgstr "Lösen fehlgeschlagen oder keine eindeutige Lösung"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:964
msgid "Cancelled by user"
msgstr "Vom Anwender abgebrochen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:968
#, c-format
msgid "Solved in %8.3f seconds"
msgstr "Gelöst in %8.3f Sekunden"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:1061
msgid "Requires at least 5 rows"
msgstr "Mindestens 5 Zeilen erforderlich"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:1065
msgid "Thinking ..."
msgstr "Denke…"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:1115
msgid "Difficult random"
msgstr "zufällig (schwierig)"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:1115
msgid "Simple random"
msgstr "zufällig (einfach)"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:1125
msgid "Error occurred in solver"
msgstr "Fehler beim Lösen aufgetreten"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:1127
msgid "Error in solver"
msgstr "Fehler beim Lösen"

#. mustnt remove everything!
#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:1279
msgid ""
"Trim blank edges?\n"
"WARNING - only use on a computer soluble puzzle"
msgstr ""
"Weiße Ränder abschneiden?\n"
"WARNUNG – nur bei computerlösbaren Puzzles anwenden"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_controller.vala:1324
msgid "Save changed puzzle?"
msgstr "Geändertes Puzzle speichern?"

#: ../src/GConf_config.vala:46
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to get GConf value"
msgstr "GConf-Wert kann nicht gelesen werden"

#: ../src/GConf_config.vala:51
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to set GConf value"
msgstr "GConf-Wert kann nicht geschrieben werden"

#: ../src/GConf_config.vala:159 ../src/Gnonogram_config.vala:114
#, c-format
msgid "Path %s does not exist or is not a directory"
msgstr "Pfad %s existiert nicht oder ist kein Ordner"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_label.vala:67
msgid "Freedom="
msgstr "Spielraum="

#: ../src/Gnonogram_model.vala:182
msgid "Error - wrong number of columns"
msgstr "Fehler – falsche Anzahl an Spalten"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_solver.vala:123
msgid "Use advanced solver?"
msgstr "Fortgeschritten Lösungsalgorithmus verwenden?"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_solver.vala:163
msgid "A logical error has already been made - cannot hint"
msgstr "Es wurde bereits ein Fehler gemacht, Hinweis nicht möglich"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_solver.vala:173
msgid "Already solved"
msgstr "Bereits gelöst"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_solver.vala:177
msgid "Simple solver could not find hint\n"
msgstr "Der einfache Lösungsalgorithmus konnte keinen Hinweis finden\n"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_solver.vala:357
msgid ""
"Start Ultimate solver?\n"
" This can take a long time and may not work"
msgstr ""
"Ultimativen Lösungsalgorithmus verwenden?\n"
" Dies kann längere Zeit in Anspruch nehmen und funktioniert nicht immer"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_solver.vala:386
msgid "This is taking a long time!"
msgstr "Das dauert lange!"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_solver.vala:386
msgid "Keep trying?"
msgstr "Weiter versuchen?"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:172 ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:525
#: additional_strings:1
msgid "Gnonograms"
msgstr "Gnonograms"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:183
msgid "_File"
msgstr "_Datei"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:184
msgid "_Puzzle"
msgstr "_Puzzle"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:185
msgid "_Settings"
msgstr "_Einstellungen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:186
msgid "_View"
msgstr "_Ansicht"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:187
msgid "_Help"
msgstr "_Hilfe"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:204
msgid "_Save as Picto puzzle"
msgstr "Als _Picto-Puzzle speichern"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:207
msgid "_Import from image"
msgstr "Aus Bild _importieren"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:221
msgid "Undo all errors"
msgstr "Alle Fehler rückgängig machen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:224
msgid "_Show solution"
msgstr "_Lösung zeigen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:226
msgid "Show _Working"
msgstr "_Arbeitsansicht"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:228
msgid "Show _Incorrect cells"
msgstr "_Fehleransicht"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:232
msgid "_Restart"
msgstr "_Neu starten"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:234
msgid "_Pause"
msgstr "_Pausieren"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:238
msgid "_Get hint"
msgstr "_Hinweis anzeigen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:240
msgid "_Let computer solve it"
msgstr "Durch den _Computer lösen lassen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:242
msgid "_Computer generated puzzle"
msgstr "Computer_generiertes Puzzle"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:246
msgid "_Edit puzzle"
msgstr "Puzzle _bearbeiten"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:249
msgid "_Trim blank edges"
msgstr "_Weiße Ränder abschneiden"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:254
msgid "_Colors ..."
msgstr "_Farben…"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:256
msgid "_Font ..."
msgstr "_Schrift…"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:258
msgid "_Resize ..."
msgstr "_Größe ändern…"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:260
msgid "_Difficulty ..."
msgstr "_Schwierigkeitsgrad…"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:262
msgid "_Puzzle folder"
msgstr "Puzzle-_Verzeichnis"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:265
msgid "Default"
msgstr "Standard"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:266
msgid "Custom ..."
msgstr "Benutzerdefiniert…"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:270
msgid "Cell Patterns"
msgstr "Zell-Muster"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:273
msgid "Plain"
msgstr "Normal"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:274
msgid "Circle"
msgstr "Kreise"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:280
msgid "_Use advanced solver"
msgstr "_Fortgeschrittenen Lösungsalgorithmus verwenden"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:283
msgid "_Generate difficult puzzles"
msgstr "_Schwierige Puzzles erzeugen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:286
msgid "_Time penalty for checking"
msgstr "_Zeitstrafe für Nachsehen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:292
msgid "_Reset all to default"
msgstr "Alles auf Standardeinstellungen zurücksetzen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:297
msgid "_Toolbar"
msgstr "_Werkzeugleiste"

#. now set by config file
#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:300
msgid "_Grid"
msgstr "_Gitter"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:311
msgid "Contents"
msgstr "Inhalt"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:313
msgid "About"
msgstr "Info"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:399
msgid "Load puzzle"
msgstr "Puzzle öffnen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:403
msgid "Save puzzle"
msgstr "Puzzle speichern"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:409
msgid "Undo last move"
msgstr "Rückgängig"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:413
msgid "Redo last undone move"
msgstr "Wiederholen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:416
msgid "Start this puzzle again"
msgstr "Dieses Puzzle neu starten"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:425 ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:632
msgid "Hide the solution and start solving"
msgstr "Lösung verstecken und Spiel fortsetzen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:429
msgid "Check"
msgstr "Nachsehen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:430
msgid "Show any incorrect cells"
msgstr "Falsche Zellen anzeigen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:434
msgid "Solve"
msgstr "Lösen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:435
msgid "Solve by computer"
msgstr "Durch Computer lösen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:440
msgid "Random"
msgstr "Zufällig"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:441
msgid "Generate a random puzzle"
msgstr "Zufälliges Puzzle erzeugen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:447
msgid "Resize"
msgstr "Größe ändern"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:448
msgid "Change dimensions of the puzzle grid"
msgstr "Größe des Puzzle-Gitters ändern"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:452
msgid "Increase font size"
msgstr "Schrift größer"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:456
msgid "Decrease font size"
msgstr "Schrift kleiner"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:461 ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:507
msgid "Set the difficulty of generated puzzles"
msgstr "Schwierigkeitsgrad für erzeugte Puzzles einstellen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:479
msgid "_Difficulty"
msgstr "_Schwierigkeitsgrad"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:481
msgid "Difficulty"
msgstr "Schwierigkeitsgrad"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:527 additional_strings:1
msgid "Design and solve Nonogram puzzles"
msgstr "Nonogram-Puzzles erstellen und lösen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:531
msgid "About Gnonograms"
msgstr "Über Gnonograms"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:559
msgid "Source:"
msgstr "Quelle:"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:565
msgid "Score:"
msgstr "Punktestand:"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:568
msgid "(C) "
msgstr "(C) "

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:577 ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:129
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Unbekannt"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_viewer.vala:638
msgid "Reveal the solution"
msgstr "Lösung zeigen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:73
msgid "Choose a puzzle"
msgstr "Puzzle auswählen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:85
msgid "Cannot open file"
msgstr "Datei kann nicht geöffnet werden"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:185
msgid "Unrecognised heading"
msgstr "Unbekannter Dateibeginn"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:199 ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:221
msgid "No dimensions given"
msgstr "Keine Größe angegeben"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:205
msgid "Wrong number of dimensions"
msgstr "Falsche Anzahl an Dimensionen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:238
msgid "No clues given"
msgstr "Keine Hinweise angegeben"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:245
msgid "Missing clues"
msgstr "Hinweise fehlen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:253
msgid "Invalid clue"
msgstr "Ungültige Hinweise"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:263
msgid "Wrong number of column clues"
msgstr "Falsche Anzahl an Hinweisen in Spalten"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:273
msgid "Wrong number of row clues"
msgstr "Falsche Anzahl an Hinweisen in Zeilen"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:287
msgid "Solution grid or working grid missing"
msgstr "Lösungs- oder Arbeitsgitter fehlt"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:293
msgid "Wrong number of rows in solution or working grid"
msgstr "Falsche Anzahl an Zeilen in Lösungs- oder Arbeitsgitter"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:303
msgid "Wrong number of columns in solution or working grid"
msgstr "Falsche Anzahl an Spalten in Lösungs- oder Arbeitsgitter"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:312
msgid "Invalid cell state"
msgstr "Ungültiger Zustand in einer Zelle"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:336
msgid "Missing Picto grid data"
msgstr "Picto-Gitter fehlt"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:342
msgid "Invalid Picto grid data"
msgstr "Picto-Gitter ungültig"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:361
msgid "Missing game state"
msgstr "Spielzustand fehlt"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:367 ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:374
msgid "Invalid game state"
msgstr "Spielzustand ungültig"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:386
msgid "Missing description"
msgstr "Beschreibung fehlt"

#: ../src/Gnonogram_filereader.vala:404
msgid "Missing license"
msgstr "Lizenz fehlt"

#: ../src/utils.vala:41 ../src/Resource.vala:219
msgid "Ok"
msgstr "OK"

#: ../src/utils.vala:42 ../src/Resource.vala:220
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Abbrechen"

#: ../src/utils.vala:105
msgid "Built in puzzles"
msgstr "Mitgelieferte Puzzles"

#: ../src/utils.vala:135
msgid "Adjust Size"
msgstr "Größe anpassen"

#: ../src/utils.vala:145
msgid "Rows"
msgstr "Zeilen"

#: ../src/utils.vala:149
msgid "Columns"
msgstr "Spalten"

#: ../src/Resource.vala:223 ../src/Resource.vala:235
msgid "Color of filled cell when setting"
msgstr "Farbe für ausgefüllte Zelle beim Erstellen"

#: ../src/Resource.vala:224 ../src/Resource.vala:237
msgid "Color of empty cell when setting"
msgstr "Farbe für leere Zelle beim Erstellen"

#: ../src/Resource.vala:225 ../src/Resource.vala:239
msgid "Color of filled cell when solving"
msgstr "Farbe für ausgefüllte Zelle beim Lösen"

#: ../src/Resource.vala:226 ../src/Resource.vala:241
msgid "Color of empty cell when solving"
msgstr "Farbe für leere Zelle beim Lösen"

#: ../src/Resource.vala:251 ../src/Resource.vala:254 ../src/Resource.vala:257
#: ../src/Resource.vala:260
msgid "Reset to default color"
msgstr "Auf Standardfarbe zurücksetzen"

#: ../src/Resource.vala:299
msgid "Select font used for the clues"
msgstr "Schriftart für Hinweise auswählen"

#: ../src/Resource.vala:313
msgid "Choose folder for saving and loading puzzles"
msgstr "Ordner zum Speichern und Öffnen von Puzzles"

#: ../src/Game_editor.vala:68
msgid "Name of puzzle"
msgstr "Name des Puzzles"

#: ../src/Game_editor.vala:79
msgid "Source"
msgstr "Quelle"

#: ../src/Game_editor.vala:90
msgid "Date"
msgstr "Datum"

#: ../src/Game_editor.vala:101
msgid "License"
msgstr "Lizenz"

#: ../src/Game_editor.vala:112
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Beschreibung"

#: ../src/Game_editor.vala:137
msgid "Row clues"
msgstr "Hinweise in Zeilen"

#: ../src/Game_editor.vala:163
msgid "Column clues"
msgstr "Hinweise in Spalten"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:62
msgid "Load Image"
msgstr "Bild öffnen"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:66
msgid "Monochrome"
msgstr "Einfärbig"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:71
msgid "Invert image"
msgstr "Bild invertieren"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:81
msgid "Zoom %"
msgstr "Zoom %"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:89
msgid "Red Threshold %"
msgstr "Schwellwert Rot %"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:97
msgid "Green Threshold"
msgstr "Schwellwert Grün"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:105
msgid "Blue threshold"
msgstr "Schwellwert Blau"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:113
msgid "Alpha threshold"
msgstr "Schwellwert Alpha"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:117
msgid "Image information"
msgstr "Bildinformation"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:119
msgid "Height:"
msgstr "Höhe:"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:120
msgid "Width:"
msgstr "Breite"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:121
msgid "Bits/sample:"
msgstr "Bits pro Pixel:"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:122
msgid "Channels:"
msgstr "Kanäle:"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:178
msgid "Failed to load image"
msgstr "Laden des Bildes fehlgeschlagen"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:183
msgid "File type not supported - use PNG, BMP or SVG"
msgstr "Dateiformat nicht unterstützt – unterstützt sind PNG, BMP oder SVG"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:191
msgid "Select an image to convert"
msgstr "Wählen Sie ein Bild zum Konvertieren"

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:264
msgid ""
"Cannot convert this image format; need 8 bits per channel and at least 3 "
msgstr ""
"Bildformat kann nicht konvertiert werden; benötigt 8 Bits pro Kanal und mindestens 3 "

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:349
msgid "Height: "
msgstr "Höhe: "

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:350
msgid "Width: "
msgstr "Breite: "

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:351
msgid "Bits/sample: "
msgstr "Bits pro Pixel: "

#: ../src/img2gno.vala:352
msgid "Channels: "
msgstr "Kanäle: "

#: additional_strings:1
msgid "Logic game"
msgstr "Logik-Spiel"

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