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Re: questions about database installations

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 1:13 AM, Nikolai Lusan wrote:

> Last year I packaged cluebringer (version 2.0 of policyd for doing
> greylisting and other anti spam controls) as postfix-cluebringer. In my
> initial packaging I used dbconfig-common to handle the database
> installation and configuration, however when I did an RFS the sponsor
> pulled it all out. I specifically put those things in place so that the
> installation of the database and the configuration would be simpler for
> end users (being done through debconf).
> I would like to keep the dbconfig-common method (even though getting it
> up and running was a pain) simply because it is easier for end users to
> get the whole thing up and running, and it provides and easier method
> for updating the database as need be. Do people think that this is a
> good idea? Or am I better off looking for another method to handle this?

In general it is a good idea, I'm not able to judge this case.

Toni, could you explain your reasons for removing the dbconfig-common stuff?



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