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Re: RFS: policyd-weight (10th try)


> The sponsoring game in Debian is a game of patience[1]. Sending an email
> every two days telling you are waiting for an upload doesn't do much
> more than annoy the very few people that are keen on sponsoring
> packages.

It's not my first sponsored upload but the second one. The first one is already
in stable, this is just a small update. The other side of the view is -> I'm
pretty new in officially packaging stuff for debian. So a new wannabe maintainer
is motivated and wants to get things fixed. On the other hand - the package is
uploaded since weeks, nobody replies on the RFS's - and so not only the DD get's
annoyed but also me because just nothing happens.

In fact it's not the 10th try as suggested by the subject. This was just for
"getting attention" purposes.

> Just be patient, and your turn will come. If your package isn't uploaded
> in three or four weeks, then do send an other email to remind people.

I've uploaded the package three weeks ago.

> Better yet, file a bug against the sponsorship-requests pseudo-package,
> so that your request doesn't fall through the cracks. Documentation for
> this is available at http://wiki.debian.org/Mentors/BTS.

thanks for the hint.


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