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Re: upload to debian.mentors disappears without a trace.

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 9:01 AM, Paul Elliott wrote:

> I have successfully uploaded to debian mentors, it has been more than 30 min.
> package has not appeared on list, no email message about it of any kind.

>From the logs it seems to have been rejected because it wasn't
directed at one of the Debian suites/codenames. Please put 'unstable'
in the changelog and rebuild/reupload the source package. Not sure why
you didn't get a mail though.

2012-02-19 +0000 21:00:01,904 ERROR [debexpo.importer.15445] Rejected:
You are not uploading to one of those Debian distributions: oldstable
stable unstable experimental stable-backports oldstable-backports
oldstable-backports-sloppy stable-security testing-security
stable-proposed-updates testing-proposed-updates sid wheezy squeeze
lenny squeeze-backports lenny-backports lenny-security
lenny-backports-sloppy lenny-volatile squeeze-security squeeze-updates



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