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Re: upstream changelog in LaTeX format

Hello List:

On 11/02/12 22:56, Don Armstrong wrote:
On Sat, 11 Feb 2012, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
The upstream changelog of my package is in LaTeX format: as the
LaTeX is rough enough to be translated to HTML format by TtH, I will
put the HTML translation within the package. Given that, what I am
supposed to do with the LaTeX changelog source ? May I put it within
the package as well ? What about its PDF version ?

You should at the very least include the LaTeX source in the source
package (hopefully upstream already does this).

Of course.

 During the build
process, build a text-only version (using catdvi FE)

I tried catdvi to compare against the combination (html2text * tth):
the text output produced by catdvi is really worth, so
I will use the combination (html2text *  tth).

, and optionally
include the PDF if that is helpful in addition.

I will because the Config.tex plays a lot with font types.


Don Armstrong

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