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Re: versioning trouble

Thanks for the prompt reply.

On 22/02/12 02:34, Paul Wise wrote:
On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 8:46 AM, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

Three days ago I uploaded for sponsoring my package with version
2.54+cvs20120219 which obviously cvs version.

You should have used 2.54~cvs20120219 instead, since that sorts before
2.54 (note the special ~ character).

My mistake:
I will keep it in mind for next cvs based packages.

Meanwhile, more precisely yesterday, the upstream maintainer finally
released version 2.54, so now I plan
to upload an upstream version of my package with version 2.54.
But, according to `dch', version 2.54 is less than 2.54+cvs20120219: how can
I can manage it ?
May I force version 2.54 ? may I use some work around here ?

If the package has not yet been uploaded to Debian,

it was.

 just edit the
changelog with your favourite text editor and change 2.54+cvs20120219
to 2.54 then update the packaging if needed.

I will work around it by creating a Debian source package, 2.54+ds is greater than 2.54+cvs20120219:
it planed to do so sooner or later, so I do it right now.


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