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Re: RFS: dwarf-fortress

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 05:48:50PM +0100, Beren Minor wrote:
> The other correct way, as far as I could see, to have an i386 package
> available on amd64 is to use ia32-libs package, however this package
> does not contain all the required dependencies for dwarf-fortress
> (sdl-ttf, sdl-image and glew are missing). 
For the reference: #598909.
Also, glew doesn't seem to be needed.

> > You have a build system that uses git magic and branches while an
> > unpacked Debian source package is a directory with upstream sources from
> > upstream tarball(s) and debian/ directory with build files. Also, as you
> > include 3rd-party mods, you should ask about their distribution licenses
> > and mention them in debian/copyright.
> I'm using git-buildpackage for building, and patch queue maintained
> with the same tool. Patches aren't commited to debian branch (maybe
> they should), but can be regenerated with "gbp-pq export" command
> before running git-buildpackage. 
I'm not talking about patches, gbp and gbp-pq. I mean git checkout magic
in your Makefile.

> > There are some more or less minor things such as copyright notices in
> > descriptions and old Standards-Version, but they are not important for
> > now, as I could not even build the package.
> I'm not sure what the procedure is to build the package from the
> mentors uploaded files
As with any other standalone Debian package, dget --build for .dsc URL or
dpkg-source -x and dpkg-buildpackage for downloaded one. You should learn
these tools before learning git-buildpackage.


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