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Re: Providing a non-free alternative to a free package

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 8:45 PM, Gergely Nagy wrote:

> Aha, I see. In this case... well, I don't think there's a solution
> that's entirely satisfactory.
> The closest thing I can think of, is that one is called libfooN, while
> the other libfooN-nonfree, they conflict & replace each other, and both
> provide the same filenames. So far, it's easy.
> The hard part is making sure that dpkg-shlibdeps does the right thing,
> and produces dependencies like libfooN (>= blah) | libfooN-nonfree (>=
> blah). I'll leave this part as an excercise for the reader. >;)

The libgl1-* packages might be a useful example here.

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