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Re: RFS: libconfig (requires transition)

Hi Jose,

On 03/02/12 00:50, Jose Luis Tallón wrote:
> My apologies if you did send an e-mail and I didn't read it. My inbox is
> severely overloaded as of lately...
> Isn't it good style to notify the maintainer and/or coordinate with them
> before an NMU ?

Apologies. I posted on the -devel thread that I had prepared a package
and uploaded to mentors back in December [1] because you said you gave
up trying to upload the package [2].

> On 31/01/12 00:08, Jonathan McCrohan wrote:
>>>>>> Julien Cristau<jcristau@debian.org>  wrote:
>>>>>>> Please don't change the -dev package name.
> Yup!
>>>>>> All of the packages except one have versioned Build-depends
>>>>>> on libconfig8-dev. Surely this needs to be replaced with
>>>>>> libconfig-dev or at least libconfig9-dev?
>>>>> No it doesn't?  You can rename the -dev package to
>>>>> libconfig-dev if you want, but certainly don't *need* to, and
>>>>> if you do it, then it would be way better from our point of
>>>>> view to keep building libconfig8-dev as a transitional package
>>>>> until the reverse deps are updated, and to do that separately
>>>>> from the SONAME bump.
> Yes, please.
> Being bitten a couple times already after not checking buildability of
> r-deps... it is the library maintainer's responsibility, after all.
>>>> If its ok, I'll leave the package as is.
>>> Sigh.
>> I can change it if it makes it easier for you so. Your paragraph above
>> made it sound as if it didn't matter which way it was done.
>>>> To clarify, what is the process for this transition? Will the
>>>> package be uploaded to experimental to allow me to report bug
>>>> reports and patches against dependant packages?
>>> I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.
>> This is my first upload which requires a transition, and I am unsure
>> of what happens next.
> Please read the library maintainer's guide first (or re-read if needed).
> It does avoid many a headache...
>>   It seems common for packages to be uploaded to
>> experimental for a time prior to the actual transistion to allow other
>> maintainers update their packages accordingly. I was wondering will
>> this be the case with this transition?
> Well, unfortunately for the world (some would say ;) ), not too many
> packages depend on libconfig; Nor are they very complex.
> Therefore, a full transition via experimental and involving the RM is
> not needed, AFAIK. Just notifying the depending maintainers should
> suffice (it would be different during freeze, of course)

I have already spoken to Julien and I will upload a new package with the
-dev packages fixed to experimental.

> Just drop me a line if I can be of any help.

Will do.


1: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/12/msg00007.html
2: http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/11/msg00416.html

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