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regarding the code to test from Carl-Valentin Schmitt

I am not subscribed to this list.


I suggest you not to put any more energy into it - in case you didn´t 
already notice yourself.

From what I have seen from Carl-Valentin Schmitt - whether that is his 
real name or not I do not know - on debian-user-german[1], kernel-testers 
mailinglist[2] and elsewhere for example about a hack of having a password 
that is one terabyte long, I do not have the impression that it is 
reasonable to expect any code from him to do anything useful.

I would also be reluctant about the usefulness of his other posts - except 
for some amusement. At least not based on the posts I have seen from him 
so far. And it is not that we - quite some experienced debian-user-german 
readers - didn´t try to teach him some useful stuff about Debian and Linux 

[1] I think one thread should be enough as an example:

e-mail verpasst wegen github

(in german tough)

[2] holy bim-bam ! kernels obviously have no bugs !

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