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Re: RFS: burp -- A cross platform network backup and restore program.

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Bartosz Feński wrote:

> Reviewed and uploaded. Thanks for fixing all problems!

Here is my post-upload review for packages uploaded without any comment:

The patches seem to include copies of parts of debian/changelog, I
would suggest dropping those.

In the manpage patch, I don't think you need to include the \ at the
end of the line in the Makefile.

The adjust-sleep-intest-mode patch looks like a workaround? What would
the correct way to do that?

Debian is transitioning from /var/run to /run, please fix the
varrunowndir patch.

If appropriate, please foward the patches upstream and indicate
if/where they have been forwarded using the DEP-3 Forwarded header:


The debian/README file doesn't look nessecary at all.

Why does the cronjob set MAILTO=""?

You have some typos in comment in the lintian overrides file and in
the Debian changelog.

You may want to run wrap-and-sort -s to make diffs of debian/control
and other files more readable.

The upstream README contains installation and build requirements.

You should remove the embedded uthash code copy and build-depend on
uthash-dev instead.

Various debian/* files contain unnessecary comments and blank lines.

Probably more, but I stopped reviewing when I reached the copyright
file, which tries to be DEP-5 but is not.



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