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Re: RFS: themole

Hi chrysn (2012.02.14_14:17:19_+0200)
> > >* installing by just copying python files to /usr/share/themole is
> > >far from elegant.
> > 
> > Uh? This is the idiomatic way to install Python applications.
> are you sure?

It's a nice simple approach. Installing to dist-packages like that would
be a lot uglier, (and hard to get right) but for a private module like
an application, it's really pretty easy and reliable.

> so all in all, of those 76 packages that install python scripts to the
> PATH (not counting the ^python packages), only half a dozen try to load
> code directly from /usr/share. the others either have very small
> executables (which reside solely in the bin folder and don't have any
> auxiliary code) or use pyshared or dist-packages.

It's not "pyshared or dist-packages". pyshared is an implementation
detail of dh_python2, used to share .py files between dist-packages of
multiple python2s. (OK, it's an implementation detail suggested by the
Debian Python Policy, but it's still not something we should be adding
to sys.path)

What you really seem to have been surveying is whether applications
install their modules publicly (dist-packages) or privately
(/usr/lib/$package or /usr/share/$package).
We encourage an application's modules to be installed privately when
they won't be of any use to other modules / applications.


Stefano Rivera
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