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Re: RFS: vera++

2012/2/7 Vincent Hobeïka <vincent.hobeika@gmail.com>:
> - dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/v/vera++/vera++_1.1.1-3.dsc

Looks good. However I would

1. Simplify d/changelog. No-one cares I did work on this package
initially. Redo d/changelog with only one entry.
2. remove quilt reference from d/rules this is undeeded (thanks to
3. Prefer DEP5 for copyright
4. I think you can remove d/dirs file
5. Prefer DEP3 for d/patches/*
6. rework d/watch file, you are supposed to use regex to find out the
latest possible version
7. I see VCS urls in d/control but they do not reflect the latest of
your package, right ?
8. In d/control, you do not need explicit ref to quilt (again thanks
to d/source/format)

As a side note I see ref to tcl8.4 which is about to be removed AFAIK


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