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Re: versioning trouble

* Jerome BENOIT <g6299304p@rezozer.net>, 2012-02-22, 01:46:
Three days ago I uploaded for sponsoring my package with version 2.54+cvs20120219 which obviously cvs version. Meanwhile, more precisely yesterday, the upstream maintainer finally released version 2.54, so now I plan to upload an upstream version of my package with version 2.54.
But, according to `dch', version 2.54 is less than 2.54+cvs20120219:

This is correct. You should have used "~" instead of "+", because:

2.54~cvs20120219 << 2.54 << 2.54+cvs20120219

how can I can manage it ?
May I force version 2.54 ? may I use some work around here ?

It would have been slightly easier for us if you said whether or not the package with such bad version has been uploaded to the archive, or at least mentioned the package name.

I will assume that we're talking about bibtool, which has been already uploaded to unstable.

You cannot use a lower version than the existing one. dak would reject such upload. The options you have are:

1) Use an epoch. However, once use epoch, you have to carry it forever.

2) Invent a version that is bigger than 2.54+cvs20120219, e.g:
- "2.54+cvssucks" or
- "2.54+really" or
- "2.54.".

3) Instead of uploading 2.54, upload a CVS snapshot with a version number like "2.54+cvs20120212".

4) Wait until upstream releases 2.55.

Jakub Wilk

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