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Re: RFS: themole

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:31:44AM +0100, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> >* installing by just copying python files to /usr/share/themole is
> >far from elegant.
> Uh? This is the idiomatic way to install Python applications.

are you sure?

i've made a short survey by looking at files in
/{{usr,}/{s,}bin,usr/games}/ and looking for symlinks to /usr/share to
as python scripts (found five distinct packages doing that: gdebi, gtg,
python-xlrd, and upnp-inspector), looking for things that modify
PYTHONPATH (only paraview and non-python stuff), and looking for scripts
that do sys.path.append to use usr/share (no matches, but i've just
written two bug reports after going through occurrences of path.append,
one of them security critical)

so all in all, of those 76 packages that install python scripts to the
PATH (not counting the ^python packages), only half a dozen try to load
code directly from /usr/share. the others either have very small
executables (which reside solely in the bin folder and don't have any
auxiliary code) or use pyshared or dist-packages.

> >a simple --with python3 after "dh $@" won't do by itself either.
> Yes, it would. dh_python3 does care of bytecompiling stuff in
> /usr/share/$packagename/ (even though it's not documented, sigh).

sorry, i didn't know about that feature. pulling in the python3
debhelper (and adding a build dependency on python3) would solve the
biggest issue of this package i see, then.


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