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[no subject] Re: Acer TravelMate 620 finally working to my content ACPI and Screen Resolution :) acpi, hotplug, firewire drive acpi monitoring software ACPI on IBM ThinkPad T23: suspend works with 2.6.10 ACPI problem: console and X black after resume on supsend-to-ram Re: ACPI problem: console and X black after resume on supsend-to-ram ACPI with IBM ThinkPad T23 Advice needed: Accessing usb storage ALSA on Compaq Armada 7400 ALSA sound not working after suspend Re: approved Re: armasa e500 and suspend ATI 9600 and dual monitor issue - maximizing windows ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 best practice for adapting to different environments? CDROM drive reads too slow Re: Cirrus Logic pd6729 & 2.6 kernel compiling kernels newer than 2.6.8 cs4610 sound debian-alsa bug? Debian & irda debian on a thinkpad Debian on Thinkpad 755C with NO cd-rom drive Debian (SID) on 600m (Dell) Re: Debian vs. Fedora on Laptops Decreasing cdrom speed to save battery life Dell Inspiron 2650 goes blank after installation of NVidia drivers Dell Latitude C610 devfs (was: Re: sound structure on a Dell inspiron 8600) /dev/thinkpad keeps disappearing Re: disable dosfsck disable dosfsck? D-Link DWL-G650+ Cardbus Adapter support for Linux Does a Presario R3310 make sense for Linux emachines M6805 sound Re: Firewall and Laptop Firewire extern LG4163B For all users of the Asus M6000N series of laptops... Garmin GPS-18 connected by USB Have problem after upgrading enscript and gtk2-engines-gtk-qt Re: hd recommendations# hd recommendations [was: strange harddisk noise] Re: HELP FINDING DISTRO Hibernate on Compaq 2100 how does debian know how many times it has been rebooted? (was disable dosfsck) how to ask for hardware specs to a vendor IBM scoll button initrd Re: initrd (plus Ubuntu on Armada 7400) ipw2200 on Dell M60 Is the Pain Unbearable? Kernel 2.6.8 won't talk to Cirrus PD6729 PCI to PCMCIA Bridge kernel 2.6.9 and thinkpad source package Re: kernel 2.6 and Nokia D211 WLAN/GPRS Re: Laptop recomendation? Re: Laptop recomendation? linux compatible video card with dual head mode Re: linux compatible video card with dual head mode Looking for a "Sanity Check" loosing wireless connection Mepis & Ubuntu on Compaq Armadas Re: minipci card for dell inspiron 4100 mount /dev/fd0 is not a valid block device my kde sound problem Old Laptop Re: OT: Anybody get AMR modem to work with 2.6 kernel OT: Sarge released? Re: Re: Pentium-Classic Laptop/PCMCIA-Ethernet-Card poor tft display/misconfiguration. some hints? Re: Problem getting my Crystal 4237b sound card to work Problemi con /tmp/.ICE-unix e runlevel 2 Problem of installation sur Asus A2000D Problem upgrading my kernel to 2.4 problem when install debian3 Problem with the key sequence shift + numlock on a IBM t40p Proxim RangeLAN-DS on Dell Latitude 3200 R40 in pieces Radeon Mobility 9600 issues Resume on Inspiron 8600 Sarge partition before and after SD Card setting up network Re: setting up network [SOLVED] Skype sound Problems on Laptop Re: Sony Ericsson GC79 802.11g/GPRS modem pcmcia card sound structure on a Dell inspiron 8600 Sound with Neomagic on Omnibook900 Spanish Call by Call ISPs strange harddisk noise Suspend on my laptop does not turn the screen off Suspend on T23: a small step forward switching between wlan and ethernet syslog: kernel: eth9: interrupt(s) dropped! Toshiba 8100 Toshiba Satellite A50 and CD audio not audible Toughbook CF-27 DVD problems TuxMobil News 12/2004 =?unknown?b?ztzc3Nzc3Nzc3Nzc3Nzc3Nzc3Nzc3Nzc3Nzc3MfV?= Unloading hisax PCMCIA driver fails unsubscribe UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe up arrow key doesnt work in X VESA with dosemu what is vesa error -6 White Screen after Kernel upgrade 2.4->2.6 whole lot of ACPI problems with self compiled kernel wireless network card / pcmcia support Re: with pieces of extraordinarily xfree86-driver-synaptics XFree86 problems on ASUS L3500 - video chipset SiS 650 XServer on a Toshiba M30X-148 The last update was on 11:00 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 391 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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