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Re: hd recommendations#

Michelle Konzack a écrit :
Am 2005-01-25 12:57:10, schrieb Martin Bock:


You refer to some IBM/Hitachi drives. What was their manufacturing year? Michelles's drives seem rather old to me, may be something changed in the meantime?
My IBM experience is also based on rather old drives (4yrs+).

With the old Drives I have had never problems.

The newer drives, for example in my postgresql Server IC35L120AA are
working in a 3Ware 3c7406-4 RAID-5 since more then 3 years without
any problems. Two of my FileServers (3Ware too) using the 180 GByte

Keep an eye on them, and Google before they fail...
The failure mode is particularly vicious : they work well until the day they do not work at all. When they decide to fail, they all fail at the same time (ie. RAID 5 won't save you if you're not faster than them). I had 10% of the my drives fail within 3 weeks. 10 more % failed before or shortly after. The rest is in stock, if I ever need storage that can afford loosing everything...


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