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Re: Debian vs. Fedora on Laptops

> follows that. I might have a more favorable opinion of Debian if it
> installed correctly, if it supported more hardware out of the box, if it
> allowed me to log in as 'Root' (Which I sometimes need), and if the software
> on the CDs worked without corrupting the operating system.

the installer takes some getting used to, but it does a great job, in
my experience. You just have to know what you want. But that's always
the problem with freedom isn't it?

Have you tried "su" to login as root? If you're talking about a gui
root login, debian is right not to let you do it. But you can always
change the X configuration...

The deb package system is one of the greatest assets of Debian, and I
have never heard about it "breaking the operating system". What can
happen however is that newer versions of some programs are more buggy
than older versions. But to "break" the operating system...? Did you
try to install experimental packages or something?

As far as hardware... try installing testing and then upgrading to
sid, or just upgrading the kernel package to sid. That takes care of
many problems. Of course, there are always the eternal pains in the
butt, such as getting software suspend to work, which require patching
and recompiling the kernel. But those are common to all distributions.

And compiling the kernel in debian can't get any easier, using the
make-kpkg package.


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