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Re: Dell Latitude C610

How would I do that in Grub? Besides Under the grub menu the root option
is enabled (says "root=/dev/hda2 ro" which is the same as the stock

On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 13:05, Sharninder Khera wrote:
> > I have a Dell Latitude C610 which I just installed sarge on, The
> > is that Every time I try to boot my own kernels I get the error
> > append root option=..." Checking during the boot process it seems
> > the hard disks are not detected, so i presume that the IDE
controller is
> > not compiled in
> > 
> This probably just means that the bootloader does'nt know which is the
> root partition. In lilo just add root=/dev/hdX (X is the boot
> number) to the block containing the new kernel stuff.
> --
> sharninder

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