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Re: how does debian know how many times it has been rebooted? (was disable dosfsck)

Hi Ben!

First of all, please fix your mailheader. Writing to public mls without your
realname in 'From' is most of the time a good reason to prevent others from

On Sat, Jan 29, 2005 at 10:48:05PM +1000, debian@ausipos.com wrote:
> I presume that there is a script somewhere in my init.d that checks how 
> many times each partition has been mounted and when that number is 
> reached does a fsck..

> is this correct? can anyone tell me what it is?!!
Nope, this is part of the filesystem itself.

eg: this is the actual data for one of my ext3 filesystems on my notebook

spot:~# tune2fs -l /dev/mapper/vg0-media--temp 
tune2fs 1.36-rc4 (26-Jan-2005)
Filesystem created:       Fri Oct 29 15:35:57 2004
Last mount time:          Fri Jan 28 21:26:36 2005
Last write time:          Fri Jan 28 21:26:36 2005
Mount count:              17
Maximum mount count:      26
Last checked:             Thu Jan 13 23:45:09 2005

> the end result I am after is a script that I can copy & modify to enable 
> dosfsck to check my vfat drives after every X boots as opposed to every 
> boot.

I don't know of any automatic method to prevent dosfsck from checking
everytime its called. 
In my experience theres no need to check vfat filesystems that often. I would
move the dosfsck into a cron @reboot stanza and do the calculation of the 
1st/2nd/3rd/... boot there. (Simply by incrementing some value in
/root/dosfsck.value for example.)

Or you DISABLE all dosfsck in /etc/fstab and use a kernel-cmdline-parameter
for that and check it in an init-script.
(grep -q DOSFSCK=1 /proc/cmdline && dosfsck /dev/hdaXYZ) 

Thats easy to implement into lilo/grub, and selecting 'Linux WITH DOSFSCK' or
'Linux WITHOUT DOSFSCK' is all needed to trigger that stuff.

> If anyone can provide a solution please cc me as I seem to be having 
> problems getting mail delivered from debian laptop.

cu, ms

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