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Re: how does debian know how many times it has been rebooted? (was disable dosfsck)

Michael Schiansky wrote:
Hi Ben!

First of all, please fix your mailheader. Writing to public mls without your
realname in 'From' is most of the time a good reason to prevent others from
Usually I use ben<debian-laptop@lists.debian> as my from address (which probably isn't that good anyway) as that sort of stops people cc'ing me unneccessarily.

On Sat, Jan 29, 2005 at 10:48:05PM +1000, debian@ausipos.com wrote:

I presume that there is a script somewhere in my init.d that checks how many times each partition has been mounted and when that number is reached does a fsck..

is this correct? can anyone tell me what it is?!!

Nope, this is part of the filesystem itself.

eg: this is the actual data for one of my ext3 filesystems on my notebook

spot:~# tune2fs -l /dev/mapper/vg0-media--temp tune2fs 1.36-rc4 (26-Jan-2005)
Filesystem created:       Fri Oct 29 15:35:57 2004
Last mount time:          Fri Jan 28 21:26:36 2005
Last write time:          Fri Jan 28 21:26:36 2005
Mount count:              17
Maximum mount count:      26
Last checked:             Thu Jan 13 23:45:09 2005

the end result I am after is a script that I can copy & modify to enable dosfsck to check my vfat drives after every X boots as opposed to every boot.

I don't know of any automatic method to prevent dosfsck from checking
everytime its called. In my experience theres no need to check vfat filesystems that often. I would move the dosfsck into a cron @reboot stanza and do the calculation of the 1st/2nd/3rd/... boot there. (Simply by incrementing some value in
/root/dosfsck.value for example.)

Or you DISABLE all dosfsck in /etc/fstab and use a kernel-cmdline-parameter
for that and check it in an init-script.
(grep -q DOSFSCK=1 /proc/cmdline && dosfsck /dev/hdaXYZ)
Thats easy to implement into lilo/grub, and selecting 'Linux WITH DOSFSCK' or
'Linux WITHOUT DOSFSCK' is all needed to trigger that stuff.

I think that makes sense to my feeble brain, will give it a go.

If anyone can provide a solution please cc me as I seem to be having problems getting mail delivered from debian laptop.


cu, ms



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