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Re: disable dosfsck

Michael Schiansky wrote:
On Sat, Jan 29, 2005 at 03:40:38PM +1000, debian@ausipos.com wrote:

Thanks for the reply, for some reason I don't seem to be getting mail from the list, which is odd as all the spam sent to my debian address still gets through...!

CCed you for this reason.

# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>         <dump>
/dev/hda1       /xp   vfat    defaults,umask=000,user     0       2
/dev/hda5       /dump vfat    defaults,umask=000,user     0       2
what should this be? should I be changing the 2?
on my router fstab is

According to the subject you want to _disable_ any fsck on this vfat
partitions. '2' is in this case the wrong option.

man fstab tells you:
       The sixth field, (fs_passno), is used by the fsck(8) program to  deter-
       mine the order in which filesystem checks are done at reboot time.  The
       root filesystem should be specified with a fs_passno of  1,  and  other
       filesystems  should  have a fs_passno of 2.  Filesystems within a drive
       will be checked sequentially, but filesystems on different drives  will
       be  checked  at  the  same time to utilize parallelism available in the
       hardware.  If the sixth field is not present or zero, a value  of  zero
       is  returned  and fsck will assume that the filesystem does not need to
       be checked.

so write '0' instead of '2' as the last field in /etc/fstab and you won't get
any automatic fscks on these mountpoints/partitions.

cu, ms

Hi Michael,

I actually read that bit in man fstab but my addled brain didn't take it in..

Cheers, there's a beer (or whichever cold beverage you prefer) waiting for you if you ever get to Cairns Australia!


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