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Re: ALSA sound not working after suspend

> Am Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2005 17:05 schrieb Jeremy Brooks:
>> I had the same problem with a Dell X300.  I was able to get sound
>> working after suspend by using kernel.org 2.6.10 sources, and patching
>> them with the software suspend 2 stuff.  Now I can suspend to disk, and
>> when I resume sound works.  The only thing that doesn't work (yet --
>> I'm still playing with the config options) is DRM.  After coming back
>> from suspend, the GL screensavers no longer animate, and glxgears just
>> sits, without spinning.
> Hello Jeremy,
> I am currently reading software suspend 2 HOWTO... did you try the option:
> "UseDummyXServer
> This option may also help if you experience strange things such as 3D not
> working upon resume. It launches a fake xserver that should cause proper
> initialization of the chipset."

Yes, I've tried that option, and combinations of UserDummyXServer and
SwitchToTextMode.  The only way I can get DRM working again is to log out
of X  and log back in.

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