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White Screen after Kernel upgrade 2.4->2.6


I've got a problem with my notebook running debian sarge, xfree4 and kde3.2

I upgraded my kernel from 2.4 --> 2.6 and make a reboot. At this point, xfree had to initialise, my screen went from normal text console to a white screen.

NO fading!!!

I've tried strg+alt+backspace, but nothing happend, so i gave a killing reboot with power off.

From this moment on my screen is white. I don't see my bios message ... booting or something else.
If I put the power on, the screen only show's a dentist white.

The System is still running. i can acess it with the vga output or with ssh. Also, I can see if the x is initialise ... the screen went from white to black ... and back to white.

I've also installed the system completely new and put out the bios battery. Nothing helps.

Anybody an idea ?

Anybody ... ?



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