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Re: emachines M6805 sound

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 00:50, Geoffrey Gloistein wrote:
> My current problem is minor, but I would like to get it working. Alsa
> sound is fine and I can play DVD's automatically with totem when I
> insert them to the machine. What doesn't work is audio CD's. When I
> insert the disk cd player starts and begins to play, but I get no
> sound. Any help or hints would be appreciated.

A possible cause is... a missing cable between the DVD player and the 
sound card.
Modern laptops often don't have them as Windows now uses (or abuses) the 
normal bus, but AFAIK linux still requires it.

If you have KDE, you can probably play the sound files on a CD by browsing 
the audio CD and playing the tracks as sound files.

I have exactly the same problem with a Toshiba A40: everything works, but 
no sound from audio CDs.


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