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Re: R40 in pieces

Hello Michelle,

ebay is a far better place to sell your laptop in pieces.

Good luck,

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello *,
I have 7 Working IBM Laptops and one R40 (2723 with security Chip)
which drives me crazy...

I have lost the Password and a new SystemBoard for 460 Euro is too
expensive. So I like to sell the Laptop in pieces.

If someone is interested, please contact me Off-List.

I have:

1 x Memory      Samsung,PC2100S, 512MB          FRU:    10k0033
1 x Memory      MOSEL VITELIC, PC2100S, 512MB   FRU:    10k0033
1 x WaveLAN     Mini-PCI, INTEL, 11b            FRU:    91P7267
1 x Accu        14,4V/4Ah                       FRU:    02K6928
1 x CD-Rom      LG CRN-8245B                    FRU:    27L4301
1 x CPU 1300/1M 1 x Keyboard French FRU: 08K4733
1 x Display     without damages                 FRU:    08K4068

Other Pieces like Chassis or Systemboard are availlable to.
Address and telephone is in my Signature.


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