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Unloading hisax PCMCIA driver fails


I tried unloading the ISDN drivers to make them survive a suspend. This is 
what I get:

root@deepdance:/home/martin -> /etc/init.d/isdn stop
Shutting down isdnlog
Shutting down ipppd
Unloading ISDN modules
FATAL: Module hisax is in use.
root@deepdance:/home/martin -> rmmod avma1_cs
ERROR: Module avma1_cs is in use
root@deepdance:/home/martin -> rmmod hisax
ERROR: Module hisax is in use by avma1_cs
root@deepdance:/home/martin -> rmmod isdn
ERROR: Module isdn is in use by hisax

(I am using RedHat's isdn config as Klaus Knopper provides it ported to 
Debian on the Knoppix CD as I wrote in my Linux User article in 6/2004)

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de

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