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Re: Bug#992692: general: Use https for {deb,security} by default Re: Automated backports based on Janitor work? Re: binutils-m68hc1x: Repackage as a native package Re: Bug#907051: Finding rough consensus on level of vendoring for large upstreams Re: Bug#980889: RFP: binutils-sh-elf -- cross binary utilities for SuperH bare-metal systems Re: Bug#991553: Lagrange: packaging request Re: Bug#992692: general: Use https for {deb,security} by default Bug#993434: ITP: golang-github-itchyny-go-flags -- A fork version of Bug#993436: ITP: golang-github-itchyny-timefmt-go -- Efficient time formatting library (strftime, strptime) for Go Bug#993437: ITP: gojq -- pure Go implementation of jq Bug#993442: ITP: golang-github-charmbracelet-glamour -- stylesheet-based Markdown rendering for your CLI apps Bug#993448: ITP: cutefish-core -- Cutefish core system components and backend Bug#993465: ITP: libxs-parse-keyword-perl -- XS functions to assist in parsing keyword syntax Bug#993479: ITP: go-control-plane -- Go implementation of data-plane-api Bug#993486: ITP: mirrorrib -- tool locally to mirror a Debian release, including backports Bug#993488: maybe reason for wontfix? Bug#993551: ITP: proton-caller -- Run any Windows program through Proton Bug#993557: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell -- keyboard-driven layer for GNOME with tiling window management Bug#993581: ITP: ecmwflibs -- A Python package that wraps some of ECMWF libraries to be used by Python interfaces to ECMWF software. Bug#993586: ITP: golang-github-containous-alice -- Painless middleware chaining for Go Bug#993598: ITP: libadwaita -- Building blocks for modern GNOME applications Bug#993652: ITP: golang-github-bep-gowebp -- C bindings and an API for encoding WebP images (Go library) Bug#993666: ITP: golang-github-davecgh-go-xdr -- Implements the XDR standard as specified in RFC 4506 in pure Go (Golang) Bug#993667: ITP: libfile-treecreate-perl -- Perl module to recursively create and populate a directory tree Bug#993672: ITP: hjson-go -- Hjson for Go Bug#993695: ITP: golang-lukechampine-blake3 -- A pure-Go implementation of the BLAKE3 cryptographic hash function Bug#993704: ITP: balloon -- Balloon password hashing Bug#993706: ITP: golang-go.cypherpunks-recfile -- Pure Go implementation of GNU recutils/recfile databases Bug#993709: ITP: golang-github-gabriel-vasile-mimetype -- fast Go library for detecting MIME types and extensions based on magic numbers Bug#993862: ITP: avocado -- Framework for automated testing Bug#993864: ITP: taskserver -- taskwarrior synchronisation server Bug#993881: ITP: obs-move-transition -- plugin for OBS Studio to improve switching scenes Bug#993897: ITP: obs-ptz -- Plugin for OBS Studio to add a PTZ Camera control dock. Bug#993906: ITP: sqlmodel -- SQL databases in Python, designed for simplicity, compatibility, and robustness Bug#993914: ITP: gpufetch -- Simple yet fancy GPU architecture fetching tool Bug#993926: retitle 993914 RFP: gpufetch -- Simple yet fancy GPU architecture fetching tool Bug#993939: ITP: ntfs2btrfs -- converts NTFS filesystem to BTRFS Bug#993963: ITP: centreon-plugins -- Collection of nagios plugins to monitor OS, services and network devices Bug#993993: ITP: tpm2-tss-engine -- OpenSSL engine for tpm2-tss Bug#994039: ITP: mirrorbits -- Geographical download redirector for distributing files efficiently across a set of mirrors. Bug#994071: ITP: aws-nuke -- Nuke a whole AWS account and delete all its resources. Bug#994074: ITP: kubernetes-split-yaml -- Split a giant yaml file into one file per Kubernetes resource Bug#994082: ITP: golang-github-uber-jaeger-lib -- A collection of shared infrastructure libraries used by different components of Jaeger. Bug#994083: ITP: golang-github-uber-jaeger-client-go -- Jaeger Bindings for Go OpenTracing API. Bug#994084: ITP: golang-github-uber-go-tally -- A Go metrics interface with fast buffered metrics and third party reporters Bug#994089: ITP: node-rollup-plugin-strip -- Rollup plugin to remove debugger statements and functions Bug#994090: ITP: gnome-connections -- Simple GNOME app to access remote computers Bug#994115: ITP: golang-github-thoj-go-ircevent -- Event based IRC Client library in Go Bug#994118: RFP: ocrodjvu3 -- Python 3 port of ocrodjvu (removed from bullseye) Bug#994145: ITP: mediawiki-extension-codemirror -- Syntax highlighting in MediaWiki's wikitext editor Bug#994154: ITP: obs-scene-switcher -- plugin for OBS Studio to improve the native scene switcher Bug#994180: ITP: feedbackd-device-themes -- Device-specific themes for feedbackd Bug#994210: ITP: node-is-blob -- check if a value is Blob Bug#994218: ITP: r-cran-partitions -- Additive partitions of integers Bug#994231: ITP: kiwi -- Flexible OS Image and Appliance Builder Bug#994243: ITP: simple-image-filter -- An image processing software Bug#994244: ITP: ilorest -- cli for managing servers over the Redfish API Bug#994279: ITP: pyreflink -- Python Library wrapping platform-specific reflink implementations Bug#994406: ITP: node-mdn-browser-compat-data -- Compatibility data for Web technologies Bug#994427: ITP: obs-text-slideshow -- plugin for OBS Studio to present texts in videos Bug#994447: ITP: anymarkup-core -- Core library for the anymarkup Python package Bug#994458: ITP: anymarkup -- Parse or serialize any markup format in Python Bug#994478: ITP: qt6base -- Core modules for Qt 6 Bug#994514: ITP: libsyntax-keyword-match-perl -- match/case syntax plugin for perl Bug#994517: ITP: libfirefox-marionette-perl -- module to automate the Firefox browser with the Marionette protocol Bug#994518: ITP: libxml-amazon-perl -- Perl extension for getting information from Amazon websites Bug#994523: ITP: aafigure -- ASCII art to image converter Bug#994539: ITP: python-rapidjson -- Python wrapper around rapidjson Bug#994546: ITP: python-oslo.limit -- OpenStack limit enforcement library to assist with quota calculation Bug#994547: ITP: cpp-httplib -- C++ HTTP/HTTPS server and client library Bug#994549: ITP: clpeak -- Profile OpenCL devices to find peak capacities Bug#994594: ITP: time-decode -- timestamp decoder and converter Bug#994607: ITP: python-pytest-xprocess -- pytest plugin for managing processes across test runs Bug#994609: ITP: python-exhale -- Sphinx automated C++ API generation support Bug#994620: ITP: python3-fbtftp -- fbtftp is Facebook's implementation of a dynamic TFTP server framework. It lets you create custom TFTP servers and wrap your own logic into it in a very simple manner. Bug#994625: ITP: carl9170fw -- libre firmware for AR9170 USB wireless adapters Bug#994629: ITP: tml -- tiny tool and go library for markup language for terminal output Bug#994630: ITP: golang-github-knqyf263-go-apk-version -- A golang library for parsing apk package versions Bug#994669: ITP: golang-github-pkg-diff -- create, modify, and print diffs (Go module) Bug#994723: ITP: imath -- Utility libraries from ASF used by OpenEXR Bug#994756: ITP: findlibs -- Trivial python package to find C libraries Re: Bug#994758: libsgutils2-2: how to prevent the share lib from changing version to impact the package? Bug#994773: ITP: xdg-desktop-portal-gnome -- GNOME portal backend for xdg-desktop-portal Bug#994776: ITP: proglog -- progress logging system for Python Bug#994804: ITP: python-pycdlib -- Pure python ISO manipulation library Bug#994812: ITP: golang-github-go-restruct-restruct -- binary (de)serialization library for Golang Bug#994838: ITP: libregexp-pattern-defhash-perl -- Regexp patterns related to DefHash Bug#994856: ITP: harmonpy -- An algorithm to help integrate high-dimensional datasets Bug#994875: connman does not respect /etc/network/interfaces when upgrading from buster to bullseye Re: Bug#994891: ITP: system-monitoring-center -- Provides information about system performance and usage Bug#994893: ITP: ogre-next -- Ogre is a 3D graphics rendering engine (next generation) Bug#994904: general: Wayland-Gnome-freeze in VMware when automatic ungrab while scrolling Bug#994908: ITP: golang-github-containerd-stargz-snapshotter -- Fast container image distribution plugin with lazy pulling Bug#994923: dirsearch: A CLI tool designed to brute force directories and files in webservers Bug#994936: ITP: dmrgpp -- Density matrix renormalization group algorithm Bug#994938: ITP: node-strtok3 -- Promise based streaming tokenizer for Node.js and browsers Bug#994958: ITP: critnib -- ordered map data structure with lock-free reads Bug#994977: ITP: ruby-postmark -- Official Postmark API wrapper Bug#994988: ITP: ruby-mdurl-rb -- MDUrl for motion-markdown-it in Ruby Bug#994989: ITP: ruby-uc.micro-rb -- Micro subset of unicode data files for motion-markdown-it projects Bug#995055: transition: glew Bug#995059: ITP: cubeb -- cross platform audio library Bug#995121: ITP: dioptas -- Python based GUI-Program for integration and exploration of 2D x-ray diffraction images Bug#995168: ITP: libppix-utils-perl -- utility functions for PPI Bug#995177: ITP: libsql-abstract-pg-perl -- PostgreSQL features for SQL::Abstract Bug#995182: ITP: libsql-abstract-classic-perl -- module to generate SQL from Perl data structures - classic version Bug#995183: ITP: libmarc-schema-perl -- specification of the MARC21 format as Perl data structures Bug#995184: ITP: libmarc-parser-xml-perl -- parser for MARC XML records Bug#995189: RFH: isc-dhcp Bug#995219: ITP: gumble -- gumble is a Mumble client implementation in Go (golang) Bug#995243: ITP: linux-apfs-rw -- APFS module for linux, with experimental write support Bug#995246: ITP: apfsprogs -- Experimental APFS tools for Linux Bug#995289: ITP: foolscap -- object-capability-based RPC system for Twisted Python Bug#995293: ITP: cylc-flow -- rename of upstream source - splitting package Bug#995294: ITP: tipp -- taxonomic identification and abundance profiling tool Bug#995327: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-tiling-assistant -- extension which adds a Windows-like snap assist to GNOME Shell Bug#995352: ITP: tahoe-lafs -- Secure distributed file store Bug#995371: ITP: navarp -- Navigation tool for ARPES data Bug#995373: ITP: python-beziers -- Python library for bezier curves and paths Bug#995375: ITP: python-collidoscope -- Brute force detection of glyph collisions Bug#995378: ITP: dehinter -- Remove TrueType and OpenType bytecodes and tables from font files Bug#995379: ITP: font-v -- Read and manipulate font versions fron otf and ttf files Bug#995380: ITP: ruby-activerecord-precounter -- Yet Another N+1 COUNT Query Killer for ActiveRecord Bug#995382: ITP: python-opentype-sanitizer -- Python wheels for the OpenType Sanitizer Bug#995383: ITP: golang-github-aquasecurity-go-dep-parser -- dependency parser for multiple programming languages in go Bug#995384: ITP: python-opentypespec -- Provides OpenType spec dictionaries Bug#995385: ITP: python-pip-api -- Unofficial API for Python pip Bug#995388: ITP: ruby-glob -- Create a list of hash paths that match a given pattern Bug#995389: ITP: python-stringbrewer -- Generate random strings matching a pattern Bug#995390: ITP: ufolint -- Source file linter for UFO font source Bug#995391: ITP: python-vharfbuzz -- User-friendlier Harfbuzz interface in Python Bug#995404: ITP: mantis-xray -- Multivariate ANalysis Tool for x-ray Spectromicroscopy Bundling connman does not respect /etc/network/interfaces when upgrading from buster to bullseye and more general considerations Re: Debian 11 Bullseye Setup Problems Error Report Re: Debian choice of upstream tarballs for packaging Re: Debian Med video conference tomorrow, Tuesday 2021-08-17 18:00 UTC Re: Debian Reunion Hamburg 2021 dh_install -X not excluding any files Re: dirsearch: A CLI tool designed to brute force directories and files in webservers Epoch bump request for ksh Errors from TCP connections (was: How to build circular dependant packages in debian) Finding rough consensus on level of vendoring for large upstreams Freeipa-client in Debian11 Re: Future of /usr/bin/which in Debian? How to build circular dependant packages in debian Ideas for a dh-privacy-helper libsgutils2-2: how to prevent the share lib from changing version to impact the package? call for co-maintainers Re: No network management in LXDE task No processing/acceptance from dak for some packages? OpenDev firewalls and MM2 insecurity (was: How to build circular dependant packages in debian) OpenSSL relicensed to Apache 2.0 partman, growlight, discoverable partitions, and fun Problem building a Debian package in AFS Processed: closing 993488 Processed: Re: Bug#992692: general: Use https for {deb,security} by default ps in cloud images python-tz and the timezone saga Require packages to build without any configured DNS Ripple Commit sbuild ccache does't work task-laptop: please recommend automatic apt proxying uscan upstream version: padding zero to the left with elegance? util-linux drops /sbin/raw Wine MinGW system libraries Work-needing packages report for Sep 10, 2021 Work-needing packages report for Sep 17, 2021 Work-needing packages report for Sep 24, 2021 Work-needing packages report for Sep 3, 2021 The last update was on 23:01 GMT Mon Jan 01. There are 461 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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