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Re: Epoch bump request for ksh

On Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 07:37:55PM +0530, Anuradha Weeraman wrote:
> ksh93u+m was a reboot attempt by Martijn Dekker et al. to build upon
> the last stable 93u+ release (not on v2020, apart from some cherry
> picked patches). This work has been taking place for over a year at this
> point, with the objective of making incremental changes, by fixing long
> standing issues, consolidating patches from RedHat, OpenSUSE, Solaris
> etc, removing unused code, fixing the build system, and testing across
> different UNIX variants. The distribution has come a long way, and the
> upstream maintainers have been carefully curating fixes and maintaining
> backwards compatibility.

Ah I see, thanks for correcting my mistake about which project is which.
That way round I completely agree there's no need to use alternatives
and personally see no issue with bumping the epoch accordingly.

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