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Re: partman, growlight, discoverable partitions, and fun

Marc Haber left as an exercise for the reader:
> But maybe an alternative? I find the partitioning step one of the most
> error-prone and hard-to-use parts of non-trivial Debian installations.

so overall, i've got to say the feedback i heard here was a lot
more positive than i was expecting, though there was a bit less
than i had hoped for. but perhaps something that can be touched
would see more interest?

given that no one seemed to reject the idea out of hand, i'm
going to go ahead and rebase my work from 2012 (or more likely
look at it once and redo it) in a Salsa fork of d-i, and make
some installation media available. forgive me for likely only
having x86 available at first. i'll try to have this done within
a week or so, and put it up on my server. people can then give
it a whirl.

it's hard to see how exactly i proceed from that point, save in
a reactive fashion (not complaining, just saying). but we'll see
what happens when an ISO is available!

note that there would still be some questions where i'd need
input from Project members (as noted in my Debconf [0]
presentation), particularly regarding translation (even if i can
lift significant portions from partman, i'd need it looked
over) and facilitating accessibility technology.


[0] https://nick-black.com/dankwiki/images/b/b9/Parting_ways_with_partman.pdf

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