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Re: ps in cloud images

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 08:59:25PM +0100, mooff wrote:
> I might have been imprecise in saying 'cloud' images, but I mean:
> $ docker run -it --rm debian:bullseye bash
> root@3ee3e7c4ce62:/# ps
> bash: ps: command not found
> root@3ee3e7c4ce62:/#

That is not a cloud image.

> > I think that `reportbug cloud.debian.org` would be the > place to discuss
> this
> Thanks Paul. I wasn't sure where to send it.

Since container images are not published by the cloud team, this would not
be the right place to send this.

I believe that the people publishing container images want issues raised
on GitHub at https://github.com/debuerreotype/docker-debian-artifacts

In my opinion, leaving procps out of the base container images is a
reasonable decision.  They're typically used as the basis for
application-specific images, recipes for which typically pull in
whatever packages are necessary or helpful for supporting the
application's deployment.  Populating the base images with packages that
aren't strictly necessary is undesirable, and I'd argue that it would be
roughly equivalent to Debian packages declaring a Depends relationship
on a package that they don't strictly depend on.


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