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Re: Bug#995189: RFH: isc-dhcp

On Sep 28, Noah Meyerhans <noahm@debian.org> wrote:

Should it be mentioned what the new recommended DHCP server for general 
use will be?

> For what it's worth, my preference would be transition to
> systemd-networkd with bookworm.
I think that a good default would be systemd-networkd for servers and 
NetworkManager for systems with Wi-Fi or a GUI.

> If we keep the ifup/ifdown commands
> from ifupdown at all, I think they should be fairly this wrappers around
> their networkd equivalents.
This should be quite easy.

> I don't think we should install something
> like netplan by default.
I agree: it only adds complexity.

> (Of course, this conversation may already be taking place, but if so
> I've missed it.  Please feel free to point me in the right direction.)
No, I think that we did not have this flamewar yet.


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