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Re: Debian 11 Bullseye Setup Problems Error Report

GoodDay Mates,

network connectivity dropping during package download is still there, it is a major problem, sometimes it works, sometimes not, this used to work very well.

it will especially annoy new users, so this issue need to be debugged & fixed!

will also write to SpaceX about it (if it has anything to do with their setup)

the free version iso seems to have have a network problem during package download: (after software selection)


trying non-free now.

tried yesterday and today installing

https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/cu ... 64/iso-cd/

on Lenovo t440

and the problem is still there... this time it downloaded 1388 packages of 1491 before grinding to a halt...

it just stops downloading packages after ~100 packages (loses connectivity) and stays there until timeout[/list]

best regards

On 8/19/21 5:25 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 10:42 AM admin4  wrote:

is there a Debian "testing" team?
That is composed of everyone who uses Debian and especially those who
decide to report an issue they found.

that does test setups of Debian ISOs on a bunch of different hardware with priority on the most used CPUs like amd64 and i386, (free and non-free versions)),
The Debian CD team do installation testing of each new Debian release
and each new Debian point release. They don't do things like download
RSS feeds or try to use less/vi in the installer though, they just
follow the installer prompts.


1) ask the user if everything works fine (rating from 1 to 5 stars)

and user can add a comment ( send some praise or comments what does/did not work )
I don't think that Debian has enough people to monitor these, we have
enough bug reports and mailing list/forum posts to keep up with as it

2) scan the hardware specs of the system
There is a shared cross-distro hardware database:


Unfortunately the script used to upload to the database, called
hw-probe, isn't yet integrated into the Debian installer nor the
Debian live installer (calamares).


anonymized! without any serials and mac addresses or ip addresses or screen resolutions!, before uploading it to debian.org/hardware-compatibility-list
The above hardware database uses truncated salted hashes of some
hardware identifiers, in order to aggregate repeat uploads of hardware
probes of the same computer.


where the hardware is marked in green (works) orange (can be made to work with this (link) workaround) or red (fails, no fix available currently)
There isn't any way to automatically check if hardware works, you
would need the user to check each item of hardware, make sure they did
the check correctly and only then report it working correctly. We
could create a Debian Live distro for hardware
testing/compatibility/reporting/certification, but no-one has done
that yet, although there was an idea and discussion at DebConf to do
something similar some years ago.


There is a corner of our wiki where Debian users can report their
experience with installing Debian, as well as the option to file
installation reports, which feed back to the installer team.



mit freundlichem Gruß / best regards

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