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Re: Ideas for a dh-privacy-helper

On Thu, 2021-09-02 at 15:53 +0000, Bastien Roucariès wrote:

> A few year ago I have created the privacy-breach lintian checks in
> order to detect trackers in our doc
> I think we are losing the battle here.

These lintian checks are a good start, but they are just heuristics
that cannot detect how documentation will behave when loaded into a
browser or the other appropriate documentation viewer. Especially for
documentation with scripting languages and or interactive features.

Another thing to do would be to load the documentation in the most
appropriate viewer, interact with it in expected ways and monitor for
network activity or other data leaking mechanisms (eg WebBluetooth).

There are also many other types of privacy issues with using Debian:


> I believe that we need better tools than sed in order to fix this kind
> of problem.

Could you detail the kinds of issues you are seeing with sed that make
you want to replace it with something else?



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