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Re: Bundling

Hi Alec,

Quoting Alec Leamas (2021-09-25 17:47:04)
> Trying to plan the future for the OpenCPN package. Upstream is 
> currently shipping a beta, and eventually it will be released and 
> packaged.
> In next cycle upstream might update the wxWidgets dependency from 3.0 
> to 3.1.5. This is problematic, since wxWidgets offers no ABI stability 
> for odd-numbered releases like 3.1 and there is thus no Debian 
> packages available.
> Now, normally this should not be a problem since the upstream 3.2 
> release is due Real Soon, and OpenCPN has rather long cycles release 
> cycles, roughly yearly. However, upstream wxWidgets seems stalled, and 
> we are probably facing a real risk that 3.2 is still not available for 
> next OpenCPN release in about a year.
> So, the question: would it be acceptable to bundle the wxWidgets 3.1.5 
> sources in next OpenCPN release in such a situation?
> Thoughts?

How do you and OpenCPN upstream expect to handle bugs for that specific 
embedded version of wxWidgets?

Sounds more sensible to me to (coordinate with wxwidgets maintainers to 
have) wxWidgets 3.1.x packaged as a separate package, tracked with its 
proper upstream source.  Then when we get near freeze it can be assessed 
how many of the wxWidgets branches we want to include with the upcoming 
stable Debian release - and include in that assessment how many packages 
reverse-depend on each.

 - Jonas

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