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python-tz and the timezone saga

Dear Colleagues

Some time ago (2017) I took responsibility for python-tz (now within the python team).

This essentially wraps timezone and adds a few helper functions, but it does so taking the original data from a vendored copy of zoneinfo, not the standard copy on the system, which it pickles into the python modules.

From the timezone "forking saga" (https://lwn.net/Articles/870478/) it looks like this can lead to divergences of output wrt tzdata; that at least it needs to build against the "Offical Debian" tzdata and be tracked with it (including backports).

Are any other packages in the same situation ? What will Debian be doing wrt Timezone  data ?

Best regards


Alastair McKinstry, <alastair@sceal.ie>, <mckinstry@debian.org>, https://diaspora.sceal.ie/u/amckinstry
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