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Re: dh_install -X not excluding any files

Hi Boian

On 9/14/21 18:46, Boian Bonev wrote:> Hi,
>> I tried using "dh_install -Xkiwicompat" [2] but that doesn't work no
>> matter what
>> variation I'm trying, the binary kiwicompat still gets installed into
>> /usr/bin.
> You mean installed in debian/tmp during build or in the final package?
> I think that adding a debian/not-installed with usr/bin/kiwicompat
> would do the trick?

Thanks for the hint but unfortunately that doesn't work and according to
the manpage of dh_missing it cannot work as this file is not intended
for excluding files. [1]

I guess, I just have to delete the files manually.


> [1] https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man1/dh_missing.1.html

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