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Re: Require packages to build without any configured DNS

On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 8:23 PM Thomas Goirand wrote:

> Later on, the class calls the method read_resolv_conf that has:

It also fails if the file exists but has no nameservers:

        if len(self.nameservers) == 0:
            raise NoResolverConfiguration

> So, any test case that does that fails simply because the *FILE*
> /etc/resolv.conf isn't there on the filesystem (and not because there's
> no working DNS server, which would be just fine).

That seems like a bug in the test cases, they shouldn't be testing the
build time environment like that, since it could differ from the
runtime environment. There are nss_wrapper/resolv_wrapper for mocking
away the build-time DNS resolving infrastructure.


> One could argue that the test cases should aways instantiate the
> Resolver object with a non-default (test only) filename argument.


> I agree with that: please propose such a patch upstream. But does it
> deserve anyone time? I don't think so. We're achieving absolutely
> nothing doing this: this doesn't improve Debian...

It improves support for offline systems, which often don't have a
working /etc/resolv.conf



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