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netplan.io: call for co-maintainers


On Tue, 28 Sep 2021, at 08:29, Richard Laager wrote:
>>> I don't think we should install something
>>> like netplan by default.
>> I agree: it only adds complexity.

> I personally use netplan everywhere.
> As to what should be the distro default, I'm not sure I am convinced 
> either way, but to argue the other side... There is some value in using 
> netplan by default. Some random thoughts:
> This default would match Ubuntu. (I value reducing that delta. Not 
> everyone does, and that's fine.)
> netplan can configure both systemd-networkd and NetworkManager (though 
> I've only used it with systemd-networkd).

As the downstream maintainer of netplan in Debian, I’d like to use this opportunity to invite more people to co-maintain it in Debian :) I like the idea of netplan, but unfortunately I never started using it myself, to it would only be fair if someone who actually uses it could help keeping it up-to-date in Debian.


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