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Re: Bug#995189: RFH: isc-dhcp

 ❦ 28 September 2021 11:16 -05, Richard Laager:

>>> As to what should be the distro default, I'm not sure I am convinced
>>> either way, but to argue the other side... There is some value in
>>> using netplan by default. Some random thoughts:
>> [...]
>> OTOH, netplan is just an abstraction above existing systems
> Agreed.
>> and does not
>> allow proper reconfiguration.
> What do you mean?

Make a change, reload your configuration, everything breaks. ifupdown2
is smart and will converge to the new configuration. Network Manager can
restart and minimize impact. AFAIK, systemd-networkd is as dumb as
ifupdown and does not know how to converge.

My point is that ifupdown2 was a possible successor to ifupdown but was
never adopted because written in Python. As netplan is written in
Python, ifupdown2 seems a far better replacement.
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